Try the Jerk Chicken!

If you haven’t had the jerk chicken then you don’t know what you are missing.


Fantastic experience

Ate lunch from the food truck today at The Classic Center. Had the Grouper Tacos and they were outstanding. Very tasty and well worth the wait.

But, the real surprise was the yellow rice and black beans. This was a loaded side item of black beans, green beans, green peas, carrots, and yellow rice. A very tasty combination that was an excellent surprise. This is not your typical dry rice and beans side item. It’s very moist, seasoned well, and a real “stick to your ribs” addition to an already good meal.

James Dunn

Omg, the Loaded Fries

The New Loaded Seafood Fries…..BUSSIN!!! Omg, I can’t compare these to ANYTHING I’ve Ever Had. 10 outta 10, Would RECOMMEND 😋

Jas Kay


We had the grouper sandwich with the black bean rice combo and it was so good. I can’t wait to try the other items in the menu.

Gollie Hunt

Oh but the Curry Chicken?

I went to Brook Run Park for Food Truck Thursday ad I had the Curry Chicken with yellow rice, plantain, and Cole Slaw. The chicken was so tender, it melted in my mouth and it had the perfect amount of spice. It was accommodated with perfectly cooked rice and 2 pieces of flavor-able plantain. I can’t wait to taste the Shrimp Tacos, the next time. Thanks for showing up and showing out.

Paulette Atkins

The best Jerk Lamb burger ever

I recently had the pleasure of tasting Island Chef Cafe at the Smyrna Food Truck Tuesday. I ordered the jerk lamb burger with a delicious pineapple lemonade. I’ve never in my life had a lamb burger…. Never thought I needed one but I’m so glad I had yours. It was so Delicious… it was just right for me.

Ashleah Jackson

Firework of Flavor

My husband and I enjoyed lunch from this food truck at Glover Park Brewery. It was absolutely delicious! Mango jerk chicken tacos, grouper sandwich, and jerk fries. Sweet, savory, spicy. This checked all the boxes. It was enough to be filling without leaving feeling heavy or greasy. I will gladly eat from here again!


Successful event

Our event was a success! We heard lots of good comments on the food and service.
This was our first Food Truck night in our subdivision. It will not be our last.
Thank you from Westridge in Woodstock.

Debra Linn

Food truck visit

We thoroughly enjoyed our Bahamian meal!!!!

Melanie C


That was some truly delicious food. I enjoyed every bite.

Joshua Leonard

Worth the wait

Good food takes time. Worth the wait. Please come back.

Beth Haren

Smyrna Food Truck Night experience

Food was great!

Chiquita Wilburn

Blown away

This was my first time eating here….I had the mango jerk chicken over the yellow rice and it was absolutely delicious the chicken was nice tender and juicy and the mango definitely set it off will return

Ayana C

As good or better than eating in the Bahamas!

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality and flavor of my lunch today. The conch fritters and the blackened grouper sandwich was as good or better than what I have eaten in the Bahamas! I will track down this truck anytime I am craving good island food.

Robert Rivers

Food truck experience

I really enjoyed the food today. As good or better than eating in the Bahamas!

Robert Rivers


I was unsure what I wanted, but the jerk lamb burger was suggested. It was absolutely the best I’ve ever had. Delicious!



I ordered the jerk lamb burger platter. The lamb was burnt where pieces of the chard meat was falling off the sandwich. it was very salty and greasy. The lettuce, small cherry tomatoes cut up and bun was soggy. I asked to swap out the fries for vegetables…. sorry you all do not swap out the platters. I had 5.. FIVE whole fries. I am very disappointed. I did not enjoy my lunch at all.

Tammy Bowers


Yum! The plaintains were delish, loved the cole slaw, and the limeade blackberry was the perfect drink to wash it all down with. Thank you for being part of Tunes from the Tombs!

Susan N

Grouper Tacos

Delicious grouper tacos.

Allan M

Crab Fritters

My crab fritters were definitely pricey for a 4 or 5 piece appetizer BUT it was absolutely delicious‼

Karen S