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Discover the flavor of the Bahamas. Try our very poplar Calypso Shrimp Tacos. Or dig into our renowned Jerk Mango Chicken. Visit our location right here in Atlanta GA

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About Us

Island Chef Cafe brings you delicious and accessible modern Bahamian fusion dishes. Mixing fresh high quality local and internationally-sourced ingredients and unique flavors, Island Chef Cafe was created by a world class chef and designed to bring high style, high quality restaurant meals without compromising value and taste; promises to win you over with every bite.

We believe in being adventurous with our flavors; if it takes combining unique and unlikely ingredients together to achieve the ideal composition- we will. Chef Daron’s classical Caribbean and Asian training, combined with his passion for Bahamian food – help create a unique perspective of cooking parallel to Atlanta‚Äôs melting pot of culinary heritages.

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